7 Ways Christchurch Electrician’s Recommend to Improve Energy Efficiency

It is no secret that a lot of damage has been inflicted on the environment due to the continuous activities of humans seeking a more comfortable lifestyle. As a result of this, there has been a sharp rise in the cost of energy that the consumers have taken the brunt of. To help benefit you, the consumer, we have put together seven recommendations from Christchurch electricians to help you become more energy-efficient to save you money in the long term.

Make use of water judiciously

There are multiple options that can be implemented to become more water energy efficient. As electricians visiting Christchurch’s older homes, we suggest the first option is to invest in more efficient appliances such as toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines. These machines operate with better water and electricity usage.

You can also invest in rainwater harvesting for use in your garden and efficient shower heads that come with a pause button so that you are not tempted to waste water while you lather up.

Insulate to save

Having effective insulation in your house can be a useful tool for saving energy. Take the time to consider installing or improving insulation into your roof and underfloor. This will help to bring down energy bills significantly, as the insulation works as a blanket trapping warmth in your home during the cold winter. You will be able to enjoy a pleasant home, regardless of the season.

Christchurch electricians recommend insulation

Therefore, making sure you have a tightly sealed home will not just be cost-effective but will also provide a comfortable living space as well as indoor air quality.

Switch to green energy

Skilled Electrical might just be the only Christchurch Electricians who also have our own solar energy company, because we believe in this so much. There are different ways to generate energy and the way we go about this as a human race plays a significant role in greenhouse gas emissions, and it naturally leaves an adverse impact on global warming and climate change. 

Christchurch electricians recommend solar energy

Switching to clean and renewable sources of energy such as the sun, water, and wind will help the environment. This option will cost a bit more than standard electricity in the short term, but in the long term green power will become cheaper over time.

If you want to know more please visit our sister company, Endless Energy.

Unplug your devices when not in use

How often do you put your smartphone on charge overnight and it continues to use energy well after it has reached 100% charged? Alternatively, the number of times you forget to switch off the lights in a room after you exit it? Or, what about devices with a sleep mode function?

These little things do make a difference to your energy consumption. Therefore, it is recommended you consider using electronics and appliances more responsibly. 

Shut off the computers when they are not in use. Consider using laptops rather than desktops as they consume less energy. Pay attention to appliances that have a good energy rating.

Replace your windows

Homes that are older will have windows that are hemorrhaging heat, causing your energy bills to increase in order to keep your home warm. Therefore, by replacing all older windows in your home and switching to energy efficient windows can be a major step in the right direction. 

Christchurch electricians recommend airtight windows
Worker in the removing break down windows in the home renovation living energy efficiency

Replacing the windows will put a dent into your bank account but will also save you money in the long run, whilst also benefiting the planet by reducing your energy consumption. This investment will make your home more comfortable and efficient. 

Get a smart thermostat for your home

Another investment to consider is a smart thermostat. Unlike simpler devices, a smart thermostat has machine learning to learn your preferences and habits. It is also capable of adjusting the temperature depending on the room you are occupying at a certain time. This helps you to save energy as well as stay comfortable at the same time. 

By having this system in place, managing the cooling and heating system of your house actively can help you save energy in the long run.

Cook smarter

Something not a lot of people are aware of, is that cooking can waste a lot of energy, especially if you cook multiple times a day. In order to reduce overall energy consumption in the kitchen you should consider using convection ovens instead of the conventional ones as they are more efficient and use less energy. Another option available is microwave ovens as they are also more energy efficient.

Pressure cookers are a wise option for most of your meals, they can drastically reduce the time to cook, therefore, saving energy.

Final Words

By following these few steps, your household can save a lot of money in the long run as you become more efficient in your consumption of energy. This will also make a difference in saving the planet. By playing your part, you will benefit yourself and the rest of the world.


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