Changes to the Electrical Industry on the Horizon

Hi, Dean here, owner and operator of Skilled Electrical, a Christchurch based electrical company.

I’m writing today as I’d like to keep everyone in the loop regarding some important changes coming in the electrical industry – every few years we experience significant overhaul of the electrical industry standards and regulations, and over the coming months, I think it’s important we outline what the “likely” changes will be.

There have been a large number of proposed changes submitted for review and after this review process, some of these changes will likely be made official early next year, which will have an impact on the future costs involved in most electrical installations. 


To keep things simple, we’ve outlined the primary and likely changes below:

  1. Significantly greater requirements for RCD and RCBO protection in an electrical installation, primarily for fixed appliances.
  2. The proposed downgrade of cable ratings which will mean larger cables may be required in most new electrical installations.
  3. Time of use metering: Our current system of 2 rates (day/night) for power is changing to a more dynamic system. Essentially there will be multiple rates based on Network Loading at the time.
    • For example, during the lowest demand periods, prices might be at wholesale rates; general demand periods may be charged at our current prices; and peak period (morning and evening) charged at up to double current rates.
    • When this happens the need to control power consumption becomes more necessary in order to reduce the cost of energy for the customers.
    • Battery systems can be added to bridge the shoulder of peak periods whilst charging on low peak periods or incorporated with solar PV.
  4. Specific new regulations around EV charges means a likely increased cost of install and possible issues around available power from the network to the property. Energy efficiency and sustainability is the key focus for any client moving forward, the more energy that can be saved means less money out for the client. Firming up of the regulations around solar PV Panels.

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It may be wise to tag this on any future tenders and quotations to cover yourselves and your sparky for any increase in costs that may occur – it appears that energy management will become a critical factor in any future build.

As the cost of our energy rises, more Electric Vehicles (EV) enter the market, and the power suppliers will be more inclined to penalise using power at the peak times while rewarding those for using power on the off-peak times.

For advice on energy management for any of your projects feel free to contact us at Skilled Electrical, as we have a dedicated team of electricians in Christchurch, who specialise in renewable energy, (including solar installations), energy monitoring and management. We created Endless Energy purely to focus on solar projects without taking away from our already trusted and well established electrical company in Christchurch, Skilled Electrical.

Shane (our senior technician) is a walking Encyclopedia on all of this sort of thing and is more than happy to assist with any queries.

If you have any other queries, by all means, give me a call or send us a message on LinkedIn or Facebook.


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