University of Canterbury encourages women to join the electrical field

The University of Canterbury in Christchurch is supporting more women to enter into the electrical engineering study and the electrical industry in general, via their Electric Power Engineering Centre or EPECentre.

To encourage more women to join in, they established a scholarship programme in which half of the scholarships are reserved for women to help create a balance in gender representation in the electrical field in New Zealand. They also plan to extend this diversity to a greater length in the coming future in accordance with their diversity objectives.

The university offers 8 undergraduate scholarships of up to $14,000 for school leavers and up to 6 scholarships, each year, of up to $12,000 for University of Canterbury students in following years of study. Students also receive a stipend for every year of undergraduate study based on eligibility.

In addition to the financial assistance provided, their electrical centre also provides a holistic programme of support to students pursuing their electrical engineering at the university.

The centre is uses it’s industry network to help students transition into the workforce. This is done through networking events, industry talks and practice interviews, which then lead to internships or job opportunities. They also organise field trips to students an insight into the electrical industry in New Zealand.

This is a fantastic initiative by University of Canterbury to encourage gender parity in the electrical industry in New Zealand.

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