The Future of Electrical

Our energy usage is increasing, and our climate changing. This poses a threat to the electrical industries ability to keep up. We’ll need innovative problem solvers on the job to face these challenges. Read on to learn more about both the challenges and our Skilled solutions for them.


Predicted Spikes in Energy Usage

We’re on track for an incredible spike in energy consumption, one that we’re not prepared for. By 2050 the global population is set to increase by at least a billion, and GDP should double [i]. With bigger populations and stronger economies, our global energy usage will skyrocket. Forecasts predict that global energy use will increase by up to 50% by 2050. [ii]


The Environmental Problem

We need to consider the impact these increases will have on our environment. As a nation we’ve committed to reducing our emissions by 50% below gross 2005 amounts by 2030. [iii] Here in New Zealand, we are still 60% reliant on fossil fuels [iv]. It’s a global issue, but one that starts right here in Christchurch. We need to consider how our energy consumption affects the global picture.


Energy Savings Through Automation

For the average Christchurch household or business, these figures can be overwhelming. It’s hard to see how we can make any change to affect the future. On the same token it’s the spaces we use everyday where the change needs to happen. The good news is that we have already started finding solutions in new technologies.

One of the keys is automation. With this, we can reduce our energy consumption by building smarter homes and offices. New tech has the ability to control our devices remotely, accurately and responsively. This can create significant reductions in energy consumption. At Skilled, we’re imagining a future where all you need to control your energy consumption is a tap on a phone. This helps everyday life run smoother, and can help you optimise your power use.


The Little Changes Making a Big Difference

That 20 year old fridge may be going strong, but is it draining your energy resources? Many older appliances are not engineered with energy consumption in mind. Newer items have greatly improved in this area.

When considering what appliances you have in your home, look for items with a good energy rating.


Aiming for Full Renewable’s

In New Zealand, our main sources of energy are either fossil fuels or renewables. With the later, we’re using predominantly hydro, geothermal & wind energies [v]. This means there’s plenty of scope and untapped potential in solar energy. This is where Skilled comes in. Our team are innovative, and want to step up the NZ solar game when it comes to solutions that actually work.


The Skilled Electrical Vision

We are a company that prides itself on being problem-solvers. Our commitment to being a leader in electrical change sets us apart. Our team have over ten years experience in the industry. We have the skills to help Christchurch get automated and switch to renewables. Having a specialist solar team helps us provide customised solar solutions. We’re helping businesses and organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and future-proof their enterprise.


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